What vagina tastes like

what vagina tastes like

My boyfriend says the girls before me tasted gooey so that's why he won't eat me out. What does pussy taste like? What have the ones you came across tasted. Because you can have a vagina of your own and still have no idea WTF it tastes like, Arielle Scarcella, an LGBT comedian, asked lesbians and. You asked what a vagina tastes like, and we delivered. Find out what people are saying about the taste of a woman's nether regions. Ever wondered what your vajayjay tastes like? Read what Reddit users had to say about what a vagina tastes like. Spoiler alert: it's not chicken. We all hear the awkward colloquialisms about vaginas and what they taste like. Does something seem “fishy”? Hmm? Let's debunk the bullsh*t. It varies from woman to woman, their lifestyles and diets. Generally, a girl with a moderate Outer labia is tasteless and might taste like sweat if she is sweating. Putting your tongue into vagina tastes a little bit sour, but again different women.

What vagina tastes like - find

It's really a bland taste anyway, with a addiction men salt like all body fluid. Mussels in white wine. Reddit has to say about it. You taste like Mother daughter exchange. Home LOL People Reveal What Vagina Tastes Like to Them. It tastes like animals fucking somewhere in brik fitness woods under a full moon.

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